Book Review: Caitlin, The Forever Trilogy #2

caitlinCaitlin, The Forever Trilogy#2 with the main theme focusing on 'Forever and Always', is a young adult novel by well-known writer Francine Pascal(May 13, 1938—present). The second part of Caitlin: Forever Trilogy#1 which had a main theme of 'Dreams of Forever'.

According to the short note written on the back cover of the book by Diana Gregory, an ex-TV producer while now working as a full-time writer. The Short note doesn't describe what really written in the book, as the note says,


Caitlin Ryan-just graduated from college and ready to conquer the world-is poised on the threshold of her future,and, at last on the doorstep of forever love.

Caitlin feels as if she has waited forever to be engaged to Jed, but at last the magical moment has arrived. Caitlin bubbles with an endless energy that enables her to successfully juggle her career, her romance, the wedding plans and thought of her future life with Jed. But suddenly tragedy strikes Ryan Acres, and Caitlin faces a challenge that could change the cause of her life. Will Caitlin and Jed's love for each other will survive the turmoil they must now face ?



This description doesn't satisfy the exact motive and genre of the book and it can lead the wrong audience to read it and at last disappointments the from what they expected as according to above short-note the story is mostly about the suffering in love and saving it, as the last line of the note mentions," Will Caitlin and Jed's love for each other will survive the turmoil they must now face ?".

But the story mostly revolves around Caitlin's sudden move over to Virginia and living in Ryan Acres. The story depicts the problem of the beautiful lady of a delicate age and her efforts to save her ancestral property and company 'Ryan Mining' from a takeover attempt by a stranger later on identified as 'Collin Wollman' while as well coping up with the relationship problems of people around her.

Characters in the Story

  • Caitlin Ryan  - Protagonist of Novel
  • Jed                 - Caitlin's Lover/Boyfriend/Fiance
  • Melanie         - Jed's Sister
  • Lawrance Baxter -Melanie/Nancy's Boyfriend
  • Nancy - Lawrance Baxter's true love
  • Howard Josso - An Attorney and a good friend of Caitlin
  • Collin Wollman - Villain, the person who attempted to take over 'Ryan Mining'.
Many other Supporting characters like Jeff, Eddie, Ginny, Julia etc. have been coming up in the story from time to time to keep up the plot interesting and diverse.

The story ends up with a happy ending when Caitlin and Jed Reunites and decides to spend rest of their life in Virginia (Ryan Acres), while on the other hand Howard Josso finds her new interest, Melanie.

This was the Book review, according to my own opinions and experience after enjoying the creation of Francine Pascal.


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