Why its good to be lazy!

Who doesn't likes to chill on a hot sunny day in an air conditioned room on a really comfy sofa with a huge bunch mountain of snacks and drinks, while watching back to back episodes of their favorite series exclusively on Netflix, leaving all the worries of work behind? If you can do this everyday without any break seriously, then congratulations for being a part of the 'Lazy' family!

Being 'Lazy' and 'Chilling Out' both of these phrases has much-differed meaning. Only a real lazy can sit back for a whole day without doing any productive work. Being 'Lazy' has a never-ending list of benefits. According to a survey (which I just made up because I'm too lazy to perform one) proves that a lazy person has been reported to be very much mentally healthy because of very low-stress level, has been also found very much creative as they can easily find ways to do their work with less manpower and physical practice.

I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will fine a easy way to do it

-Bill Gates

Lazy people are prone to have 'high' expectations from others and others have 'zero' expectation to them. So one more stress points drop down to fulfill expectations of the loved one... they don't expect anything from "lazy-cious boy!"of the family.

Also its very important to have some respect for the expression of "laziness". Many inventions were discovered just for the comfort of human race. Washing machine, sewing machine, toaster and much more inventions are one of them which mainly came into use for the comfort of lazy people.

Everything has some pros and cons. Just like if I didn't overcome this lazy attitude this article was never gonna came in existence, no one gonna live a comfortable life if inventions were not their and human race still gonna live that 'early-men life'. So, get-up from your seats and have a breezy walk, meet new people, say 'hi' to strangers, jump like a monkey do all the crazy stuff and enjoy the life. Being lazy was never bad, but enjoying the life doing many other things is also important because all of us are blessed to be a part of this nature cycle.

So, the next time while watching 'Netflix' don't forget to live much more interesting life then an interesting episode of 'Netflix'.

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