When your gadgets went to vacation.

gadgwetsIt's quite hard to stay away from your electronic gadgets when it begins to play an important role in your life. From waking up to going to bed, we have interactions with our gadgets after every 20 to 30 minutes atleast. As being an active user of social networks, to the lovers of computer games, we are tend to use and have a constant eye on our electronics. Now-a-days most popular social networks according to www.dreamgrow.com

  1. Facebook -1,710,000,000 visitors
  2. YouTube - 1,000,000,000 visitors
  3. Instagram - 500,000,000 visitors
  4. Twitter - 313,000,000 visitors
  5. Reddit - 234,000,000 visitors

Data as per September 18, 2015

Are the sites at a high popularity rate. As well as social networks, social apps are also very much being enjoyed by the users as according to www.statista.com

  1. WhatsApp – Number of Active Users – 1,000,000,000
  2. Messenger – Number of Active Users – 900,000,000
  3. WeChat – Number of Active Users – 697,000,000
  4. QZone – Number of Active Users – 640,000,000
  5. Instagram – Number of Active Users – 400,000,000
Above are one of the most popular apps right now. Okay enough of the 'tech talk!' Imagine a day without it, your answer will be , "Okay, its not a big deal!''. But now, imagine a month without it, that's horrific, right? But let's have a look at the cool facts if you decide to have an electronic silence!
  • Discover Yourself through writing journals beside of just updating status on Facebook, and have some alone-time enjoying your own company.
  • Discover Your Surroundings - Just judging places through online reviews try to discover it by yourself, may be you'll find something which no-one ever tried to think about.
  • Do Meditation its very much beneficial for increased focus and relieving stress levels. Also, it'll help you out to survive your life without you dearly smartphone.
  • Polish your talents work on your hobbies and distract your mind from the pings of electronic gadgets.
  • A Whole Lot Of Spare-Time You have more than enough time to do all the work.

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