Trump vs Ladies

“When did politics turned into an psychological trauma hitting platform to women?”,this was never a real question but, “When we began to enjoy it?”is the ‘one’.

635865304485781448-1723632830_trumpDonald Trump’s opinions may seem ‘attention seeking’ and ‘fancy’ but it adds a deep meaning when it comes on women’s self respect.

AMERICA doesn’t hates Trump

As mentioned on a well known opinion filled website, “Trump is just an old Grandpa with a mind of 4 years old kid”, in addition he knows how to add humor and make people laugh about it.

Fat. Dog. Pig. Slab. Disgusting animal!

These are some words, Donald Trump used for women over the years. The man who is hoping to become president of the United States, he’s definitely persuading some womens to vote for him.

What really stops a women to vote for him ?

After coming back home and facing and ignoring hundreds of abusive ‘stares and comments’. Who will enjoy to watch Trump on media ? won’t you feel crazy about it ?

Verbal Harassment is now not only present in real world but also it has turned out to be a great source of entertainment. Especially when you watch Donald Trump making ‘puns’ about it!flynn

There’s not only physical assault that ‘hurts’. Mental harassment can turned out to be most dangerous because not even it has memories of the incident but it can lead to 100s of disorders and deep depression.

Psychological abuse can highly alters the behavior and thinking.

We all are alone, stay alone, born alone, die alone and some day we will look back in the past and realize that till all the time of our lives we were alone, not all the time but at the end alone. This is where self respect becomes a prominent key of self approval and self love.


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