What happens when you got your FIRST JOB EVER.

Life's first official job is always one the most memorable and I got mine on 5th December 2016. Just after completing my matriculation I got my life's first job. I'm doing schooling via Open School and using all my free time to gain knowledge and experience through this job.
Well, getting into office life just after your school life is totally a new challenge and it doubles when you're just a 16-year-old teenager.  Entering a whole different environment.
This is an office, not a school where some limited number of rules are present and you have to obey them instead there are hundreds of untold rules which you have to discover it by yourself while being on the safe side at the same time.
Discovering co-workers.
As I'm the youngest with least qualification people sometimes avoid talking to me as sometimes there's age difference and sometimes generation difference. LOL.
There's always a sense of hesitation while talking to any co-worker but by the time it'll fade away.
Free Beverages are the new buddies!
While being freshmen, you never get very complex tasks. Just impress your boss once in a day and do whatever you like the whole day long. Sounds exciting but honestly, it becomes really boring when you have to spend all your day doing nothing which leads to  sleepiness but showcasing yourself unproductive is also a bad idea so, a cup of coffee is the only thing which can save you from such trouble.
Sharing the Good News.
No matter, whether your LinkedIn profile is deserted but this very day you'll especially open and update your employment status. From the beginning of the day, you'll be covering and sharing live updates of your day like a Pro-Vlogger.
This is my morning selfie while heading to work I shared on the Instagram.
Honestly, I updated my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Anyways, there's so much more to experience as I'm writing this article on the second day of my job. Hope everything goes well.
Good Day! thanks.

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