What’s wrong in being a Narcissist ?

What wrong in being a Narcissist? According to Google :

"a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves."

As "narcissists who think the world revolves around them", tell me doesn't it happens? We all are the Suns of our solar system, the way we speak, act, react is an image of our reality and situation.

Our thoughts create our reality, according to spiritual laws, from law of attraction to the law of sowing and reaping it's very clear that first we need to have a good perception of your own self rather than anything.

You must have noticed things about NARCISSISTs that they are very much unsuccessful or they are very successful.

In case of unsuccessful NARCISSITs, they are not generally known as Narcissists but depressed or negative kind of people who are always complain about there negative traits besides of focusing on positive one, they are constantly sending out vibrations of negativity and as we all know "where attention goes energy flows" and they end up being unsuccessful or negative.

While on the other hand, in terms Successful NARCISSISTs, their completion of desires is very high, as consciously or sub-consciously they are always sending out vibrations about the things they want. And they end-up being called boastful or Narcissists.

So, until this your perception of a Narcissist has been changed.

According to me, there are two types of Narcissist,

1. Positive Narcissist

2. Negative Narcissist

We don't really hate Narcissist it's just about stop talking a lot about your own self and began to explore other people, learn from their experiences. Because every good conversation began with good listening, and that's what makes you a much likeable person.

Be a NARCISSIST but use you mouth and ears in a given proportion.


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