An Unrevealed Study Tip

Staying focused towards your goal sometimes becomes a big deal.. Being addicted to checking out the notifications on your phone is something meant to be rude or disgraceful but I know we can't help it. In this exam season its important to get over this addiction of yours. I know what you were doing whole year and all the time you got to study is the day before an exam. Way to conquer this hard times.... EXAMS... 1. I know there's an important discussion about the latest song of a teen pop star is going on in your Whatsapp group, but it ain't gonna help you out in your exam to get good grades, so better switch it off or just put it aside. If you can't switch off your cellphone, at least set up a time period of like 30 minutes to have a short break. 2. Even if your favorite TV show is streaming or you just really feel like listening to the catchy song do it in the short break only and to avoid distraction try to study in a quite place. 3. Now let's move to the pace where you study, it's very important to have an exact same place to study each and every time as an invisible power of focus gets collected to that exact place and each and every time you study there it helps you to focus better.
Better to place your sitting arrangement where you can only see a wall besides of a window or any other opening, so there'll be nothing to distract you.
4. Start posting sticky notes on the wall or another surface (which have the most common encounters with you) like wall, cupboard, fridge etc. On which short formals or tips must be written so it'll be easy to memorize those complicated chemical equations or maths formulae or anything you want cuz conscious or unconsciously you'll be revising it.
5. Start making plan boards with the timeline of time to give equal time to each chapter or according to your way. It'll give you more idea to how much time to give to each chapter and you won't end up by leaving any chapter during preparation.
6. Don't get too lazy to pick up the ruler and sketch pens. Diagrams and flowcharts will help you more in easily understanding the concepts in less time.
7. And at last, please try to over come to your bad habit of studying before the exam day. At last, no matter what you do for the preparations, the most important thing to get focussed is 'Will Power'. Anyways all the best for the coming exams.
With regards,
Ankita Vishwakarma
Creativity Enthusiast and Blogger from India

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