Skip the Small Talk

Being a content writer it's been my serious duty to keep an eye on producing content and make sure it's high end meeting the industry standards. But recently I was facing troubles in focusing and keeping a good eye on my work. Yes, I was going through a depressed phase of my life where I was in a voyage of losing a really close friend. I lost my best friend where I was totally un-aware of the fact that she was fighting with cancer. As it was my new job and just about a month was completed, it was unacceptable to do such mistakes at the job you're doing perfectly from last 3 weeks and suddenly you ruin it. Coping with such a foreign loss in my so-called good-going life was a challenging phase. As I’m a bachelor living in a whole new city and working with co-workers with an age gap of minimum 7 years, I was pretending to be strong and bold but initially looking for a friend. And suddenly one day while returning back home my head got dizzy and I took seat at nearby food court. I was at a un-ease state while having low-frequency panic attacks. I knew this is the time when I need to refresh my head, I can either merge down those feeling or I can throw them out with the immense physical reaction. Either I can laugh or cry out loud. I lost my friend so few weeks ago; hence the first option is obviously un-acceptable. So, I chose the second one. My eyes filled with tears and without any realization of the environment where I was present, I was throwing immense reactions. I was being preposterous to the situation if acknowledged by elderly gentlemen when I took another ridiculous decision to call my boss. When receiver was picked up by my boss, suddenly I was numb. I was unconsciously, looking up for the reasons to not to come office, the next day. I was just going to make-up things when again I burst out in tears. I was at such state of discomfort, where it felt like I was pinned with thousand tacks at once. That’s when I realized, the gentlemen I was talking about was just him. At first just on the phone conversation he knew that I was in a ball game of agitation. Then he said, “Ankita... I think you’re quite downhearted right now. Call me back when you’ll be in a state of good conversation”, than after an oily depression relief heavy meal, I was back on my sense and called up my boss. I explained him everything and we had a good long conversation about different lessons in life. Sometimes no matter how smart and full of courage you are, all you need is to talk. pexels-photo-165907So, just skip the small talk and connect to people around you. This gave me a good lesson that just connect with people, no matter what’s your age is and what the person is standing in front of you has achieved in his or her life.

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