It’s Hard to say Goodbye to the Powerhouses of Your Confidence

Leaving a workplace is never a easy decision, especially when you’ve learnt hundreds of things there, while enjoying the company of countless friendships.

Starting my professional career with Evergreen Publications will always be a marvelous thing for me. Professionally it was a super challenging as well as knowledge multiplier experience, while personally it was a strong bond making opportunity with hundreds of bright minds.


While leaving the workplace, and packing up my desk assets I had a teary eyes, as I was going far from the people who played a crucial role to empower a small city girl and fulfilling her up to the brim with immense courage and confidence.

Thank you to all the people at Evergreen Publications for tolerating and answering my never ending list of doubts and ‘Mensa Puzzle Questionnaire’. In just a 4 month tenure, I’m certainly feeling a high up-liftment in myself. I’m more confident and less hesitant.

Exploring 2d-3d animation assets as well as understanding whole multimedia production magnified, it was a whole different experience. As I was walking down the stairs with a fake smile of professionalism, I was carrying a beautiful bunch of memories, countless problem solving experiences and great people in the heart.

I will miss my association there and definitely look forward for more opportunities to work for the above organization. I wish all the best and may Evergreen Publications keep on climbing the ladder of success in all future endeavors.

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