The Equation of Happiness

I don’t really chase things, i just attract them. But the best part about it, that I know that nothings going to happen before than we expect it. Sometimes we regret why doesn’t it happened before, or why can’t I have that right now. Our life is full of desires where the common idea of Happiness belongs to

This simple equation justifies the whole idea, but does it really means that if we have zero desires than our happiness will be unlimited? Because anything divided by zero is equal to infinity. But this idea is full of controversies and arguments as according to me, If we have zero desires than we’ll never do efforts regarding our goals. Because goals are also somehow, sort of desires.

If we have no desires we won’t do anything about it and will end up being a loser or just a person without any ambition in life. People denote such people as non-serious personalities who have nothing to do but just satisfied with what they are doing.

Other than that I discussed this similar idea with one of scholar and according to him, it’s OK to have no desires in life, as we tend to focus on the things which we need to work on when there will be a pressure to achieve something. I think then it won’t be a desire but just a duty to work for it.

And according to me a duty can never be more than a responsibility on someone rather than being denoted as a sweet desires. I simply disapprove the given equation without any doubt that it only sounds sweet to the ears but unintentionally encourages to have an ambition-less mind.

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