BRANDING 101: TIPS to up your BRAND and IDENTITY game

Follow these Brand and Identity, step by step tips to up your game and outshine your competitors in the ground of branding.


We often get caught up with the term, “Branding and Identity”. Our mindsets have woven such complex connection of neuron in our head to believe that the term, ‘Branding’ is only reserved for big corporate identities and powerhouses. But reality is much different and somehow a good news for everyone. Today I’ll tell you how you benefit your organization and yourself by establishing what your brand equals to with the help of brand and identity.

I come from a background of publishing and often relate Branding as getting a great concept and cover all the important aspects of publishing to marketing, to achieve a place in the bestseller shelf of the bookstore. That’s what a great brand looks like, easy to recognize and reach.


Understand your Brand, what does it really mean?

While building a brand it’s important to understand the worth of your brand. Just like how you’ll measure its worth on the balance of Barter System. Easiest way to know it, is to create a list of attributes that describe your vision and brand at its best. This will give you clarity of your own perception as how you see your brand and how you want other to see it. Later collate and analyze the results, alter it and assure yourself with a full command of your brand. This will elevate the standard of idea on how you’ll reach to your potential leads and how effectively you’ll convert them into your customers. The attributes and features which build your brand, also ideally differentiate your brand from your competitors. They deliver the clear understanding of your visions to your own employees and build a great bridge between you and your potential consumer.


It’s important to understand whether your product is capable enough to be built as a brand or just an ‘idea’. A wise business owner will always measure the size of its audience, as is it big enough to generate enough revenue for further manufacturing as well establishment of the foundation of other business processes? While on the other hand, with a great ‘Product’ and great ‘Brand Strategy’ is equally important. This enables you to calculate and plan all the steps to build a powerful brand.


Everyone is a Brand Ambassador


It’s important to educate your employees about your brand, your vision and your products. This creates a sense of connection between their roles in the organization to a change maker in the industry. Employees in a company are like a force of superheroes working together to create a superpower. Very often it is perceived that the owner and the management know what the brand equals to but the handles of the company who are actually interacting with the customers may not fully grasp the brand and its intent. It’s often seen that many leaders don’t know who they are and what their brand is all about. This leads to a very poor brand presentation. Employees at such companies often seem clueless and confused about their brand. On the point of interaction, instead of talking about the brand clarity, employees have been seen guessing what their brand is doing. Educating your employees about your brand is the only area where, small businesses can outshine the large ones. Employees build a much deeper connection with the consumers due to the multiple hats they wear, that’s why it’s important for them to absorb the brand to the fullest.


Right brand communication is very crucial as it can uplift your brand’s audience base up to three times and more. It’s all about rolling out a right message, to the right audience in a right manner and of course at a right time. A right Brand communication strategy not only lies in right attributes and a great brain storming but also your methodology on how you convey your brand to your employees and consumer in verbal and written communication. It’s important to empower your employees with phrases, copies and hot definitions to hit the bull’s eye while communicating with the consumer. This helps the brand to stand out and delivers a clearer idea about your branding game to your potential customers. This also minimizes the chance of big fat mistakes and confusions from the client side regarding the brand.

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