How to build a brand persona? | Understanding brand personality and consumer behavior

What is Brand Personality?

You can define brand personality as a set of specific terms related to human characteristics which you can easily associate with your brand..Brand personality gives your consumer a relevant term to relate to. Defining your brand more keenly encourages brand loyalty and popularity among your targeted audience. This helps the right consumer to find you easily and stick by your side for a longer period of time. By establishing a great brand personality, it helps the businesses to form a stronger emotional connection with their consumers.

Dimensions of Brand Personality

Psychologist and Stanford Professor Jennifer Aaker once conducted a research on the different dimensions of Brand Personality and its characteristics.

Case Study: Starbucks Coffee

Let’s talk about brand personality in focus with one of the prominent coffee brand “Starbucks”. Starbucks in an American Brand of coffee. It’s a mass coffee manufacturer and a huge chain of coffeehouses are situated around the globe belonging to the brand. It was first founded in Seattle, Washington 1971. While till the end of 2017, company reported of operating 27,339 locations worldwide. Starbucks is the most crucial player in the representatives of, “second wave coffee” brands. While according to reports, Starbucks distinguishes itself from its competitors due to some major factors such as the taste of coffee, it’s quality and great customer acquisition with the help of it’s popularized darkly roasted coffee.

Starbucks Brand Personality

Excitement: Daring, spirited, imaginative, up-to-date. Sincerity: Down to earth, honest, wholesome, cheerful.

Conveying the Idea of Brand Personality to the audience.

Building a brand’s personality is a slow and steady process where you’ve to be quite consistent towards the messages you’re pushing out in a very effective way. These messages are conveyed to the audience with the help of many factors such as:-

  • Packaging
  • User
  • Imagery
  • Advertisement
  • Sponsorship
  • Symbols
  • Celebrity Endorsements


Starbucks’ Brand Personality Magnified.

The prime

Brand mantra of Starbucks Coffee predominantly lies in the feel of having, “Rich, rewarding coffee experience”. According to Starbucks it’s primary persona is much more than a potential customer or just a coffee lover. The main idea is the create an apprehension of ‘high class’ in the head of consumer with not only help of the taste of coffee, but also it’s packaging, service interaction, in-store interiors to the music playing the jukebox of the cafe.






The green Logo of Starbucks denotes characteristics such as health, growth, tranquility and nature. The color green is also associated with wealthy personas and brand or even money. While Logo’s white part is related to goodness, purity, balance, calm and sophistication. Mermaid as a mascot promotes a relation with nature. Use of brown or Mocha colours in the brand colour scheme gives a warm inviting feeling to the customers.

The Brand-Appeal

BPA: Brand Personality Appeal refers to Brand’s capability to attract the right consumer on the basis of its human characteristics. As Starbucks BPA got a high favorability with the real human characteristics, hence consumers are more likely to stick with the brand.   Relation between Brand and the Personality. To a certain extent the consumer is supposed to stick with the brand on the basis of other factors but the personality trait associated with the brand plays a vital role in the formation of a loyal fan following. Talking about Starbucks, the brand got a neat and sincere BPA, while conveying their message with the help of effective characteristics to the consumer.  The famous coffee brand reminds consumers that coffee is much more than a beverage, it’s a lifestyle. Starbucks is not only a place to have good quality coffee but it also offers small breaks during the day. But it also encourages the idea of individualism which promotes a higher consumer engagement and satisfaction. Starbucks is one of the best Branding example as it’s marketing communication is so strong that anyone can get easily connect with the brand due to its high association with human traits. Wherever you are in the world, the Logo to the product or even store presence is so consistent, it won’t miss a chance to play with your head. The look and feel will always be familiar.

The Wrap-Up

An effective brand personality can be a great asset in your arsenal of branding. It has many positive effects; It increases consumer preference, stimulates emotions,encourages self-expression and association. The idea of building strong, positive and effective brand personality will continue to be at the forefront of contemporary marketing theory and practice.

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