Most Useful Skincare Hacks

A good skin not only makes you glowy and attractive but also gives a great boost of confidence in your personality. Healthy skin makes the person good looking as well as more physically appealing. while its been proven that more attractive people are more likely to get better opportunities in all aspects of life. At night skin routine :
  • Removal of dead skin - Wash your face with water and with the help of an old soft bristled toothbrush rub the areas under the bridge of the nose and side of the lips in gentle circular motions.
    Areas highlighted to be brushed gently in circular motion.
  • Scrubbing - Apply scrub in gentle round circular motions on the face with a bit of water. For dry/ sensitive skin its best to apply scrub with micro/small granules. For normal skin its best to apply scrub with big particles like a walnut scrub or any other.
    Scrubbing face gently with a base of water.
p.s. Its best to perform both of these steps at night to avoid contact with harsh wind/ dust/ sunlight with a break of a week. After dead skin removal skincare.
  • Massaging - Try applying moisture locking skin mineralizing gel or you can have aloe vera gel and massage it gently to let it seep into the skin firmly. 149309-283x424-aloe-for-skin
  • Moisturising - Apply a light organic moisturiser which doesn't clog the pores but also locks moisture in the skin.
    Using organic moisturiser.
Have a relaxed goodnight sleep of at least 6 hours. Drink a whole lot of water and avoid having dehydration and try to have a low stress, healthy lifestyle.  And get ready to wake up with a flawlessly beautiful skin. With Regards, Ankita Vishwakarma Creativity Enthusiast and Blogger from India.

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