Branding 101: A meeting on Brand and Identity.

Branding is important and it's one of the most crucial step before creating a corporate identity landscape. Generally we define branding with an identity of an oganization, but beleive me dear, you can implement the idea of branding and identity to anything, whether it's a product, a group of people, organization or even it's YOU. PRODUCTS ARE made in FACTORY but BRANDS are created in the MIND by Ankita Vishwakarma

How as a Digital Marketing Specialist, I turned into branding strategy planner?

I began as Content Writer ‘professionally’ at first, but I was curious enough about how I can use the power of my word to pass right messages to right people. Then, I learned Content Marketing, which boosted me to learn more and more about Digital Marketing. Now, I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist. The organization I’m currently working with lacks brand consistency so I turned into a Brand Strategist, ‘just for now’ I guess. Here’s my journey. As I was a creative kid, in my early age I was curious about graphic design and digital arts. I even did it at a huge scale. Since grade 6 I moved from paper to canvas and MS Paint to Adobe Creative Suite. So now, my interest in Design, Writing and Marketing is helping me to swim right. BTW, I’ve never went to college. Don’t expect bookish theoretical definitions from me.

Branding 101: A meeting on Brand and Identity.

The company I’m working with, I found a great lack of inconsistency in the visual branding. As a marketing person I found lack of similarities in the visual designs which are pushed to the audience for a branding and marketing perspective. I decided to introduce the idea of brand style guide.  Before introducing the Brand Style Guide or Brand Identity Manual, I chose to educate newbies. As I’m surrounded by Graphic designers in the office, I was already very sure that these creative people have gone to universities and definitely have a good idea about ‘Brand and Identity’. Then why I was doing it? So, that we all are on the same page. Because according to me, ‘Style Guides are useless if the designers are not capable of understand and implement it.’   Style Guides Quote by Ankita Vishwakarma I delivered a presentation on the Branding and Identity with reference to video by Here's the video.
      Here’s the presentation which I created in reference to the video as it gave us more time to discuss each and every aspact.. Everything in Branding 101, came out quite successfully. My Checklist before begginning  the plan. Branding Checklist by Ankita Vishwakarma
  • Learn about Design: I'm already proficient in design I just revised stuff.
  • Learn about Branding and then Visual Identity: Because ofcourse that's what I'm preparing this all for.
  • Learn at an advanced level:  So that, nobody will roast you and you'll conquere the after Q&A session.
  • Hardcore R&D: I watched almost every YouTube video on Branding, Design, about Style Guides and much more.
  • Created an Example: So that, I have a confidence on my own knowledge and would be able to deliver my idea. I tested my knowledge of design as well.
Successfully completed the Branding 101 at my office. now the next step is to implement it. As we've already got a logo, but all we need is consistency. Stay tuned to know how we pass this next hurdle.

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