How to do branding in your startup?

A Guide to Execute Branding Successfully in Your Startup as an Entrepreneur.

Now it's the era of startups in the country. Leaders choose a fancy startup name and register their companies. They are often confused about the fundamentals of branding and often  rush to marketing aspect ignoring the crucial process of 'Branding'.

Branding can be a great way to deliver your message right by Ankita Vishwakarma

According to

Definition: The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products .

But according to me,

'Branding' is basically establishing principles of the organisation.

Branding is somehow seen as a foreign idea for many old companies in India. Still there are many organisations in the country which are known as brands but still lack the idea of consistency in the design and other thoughtful aspects.

Why Branding is important?

Branding empowers an organisation to turn it into a brand. Trust me Dear Entrepreneurs, the idea of branding is not only for organisation but for individuals to a group of people. A brand can be anything and everything.

The digital marketing companies are now approaching PR companies for a powerful branding campaign as well as doing a lot of content marketing to spread the name to many different blogs and communities.

Branding empowers your people and audience by delivering a clear and clever understanding of ideas. A clear image of visions, concepts and models makes you a stronger stakeholder in the competition. The process of branding not only connects your people to your project or idea mentally but emotionally as well.

Let's talk about the basic fundamentals and points to begin with your branding process.

Define "Who are you?"

Create a specific name, attribute or identity to make yourself standout from others in the market or from your competitors.

What's your "Vision"?

People won't love you until you don't have anything for them, whether it's a product, service or a movement for social reform. Generally organisations make you perceive their vision as a total game-changer, not only in the market but in the world for higher engagement and love from the audience.

What's your product or service?

Branding Strategy for Entrepreneurs by Ankita Vishwakarma

Build a product or provide a service or do anything, but make sure, you've put your heart in it. Often organisation suffer from their poor quality products as they are running on deadlines and end-up with a mess. There's a simple idea to measure your products quality, just ask yourself if you'd be a consumer would you choose this product or service or NOT?

There are thousands and thousands of products in the market but only some of them are called 'Brands' because, brands take time. As much time and effort you'll put in your brand as much powerful it'll end-up performing.

Set up a Thought Manual.

Thought manuals are often considered boring and vague but believe me it's the best way to seed your vision and dreams you had once when you set up your new company in the head of your teammates. A thought manual also helps you in your poor times when you suddenly go into the phase of forgetfulness to your Big-Idea or somewhat feel lost. A thought manual can play a crucial role to bring the memories back. A Thought Manual also helps a Founder to project his theme idea to his employees. What were  his mind maps and the prime attributes behind the foundation of the company.

Set a Corporate Identity Manual or a Brand Style Guide.

Did you ever went to the supermarket and chose a product just because it looked nice? Colours, design, packaging and visual presentation can play a crucial role to make you supreme, better and different from others in the market. you can find some great examples of brand style guide at HubSpot Website.

21 Brand Style Guide Examples for Visual Inspiration - HubSpot Blog

Visual markers can play a great role in pinning your identity or brand in the head of the audience. Great visuals can be highly persuasive and can be a great way to tell your story better. HubSpot's article is a great reference to understand the importance of great visuals in the form of Logo, brand colour pallet, specific font or typography style, imagery, graphic and much more.

Here are some basic fundamentals of branding.  Stay tuned for the next level.

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With Love,

Ankita Vishwakarma

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