I was Judged Because I’m a Feminist. Here’s how I tackled the Situation

“You’re such a feminist!”, why people consider it as a negative statement ?

One day, when I was sitting with my Buddies chit chatting about randoms in life. Someone is talking about what they are doing in their life, someone achieved a new goal and ofcourse lots of sarcasm was there in the air. While from nowhere, a topic of women empowerment emerged. Everyone began to give their opinions positive or negative. Similarly in the flow I also made statements and expressed my opinions about the problems being faced by the woman of this era. what are her pain points and why some relaxation is also important? Then, a very shocking thing happened. My friend, as he's a 'Male' in the room, he expressed his aggression in a loudly. He said, "Ankita! You're such a feminist. I don't know why women of this age hate men and only talk about their selfish needs." I was astonished, not because he used a loud decibel of sound on me, but he used the word "Feminist" in a really confusing manner, I raised my brow and mocked like I don't get him. Again he said in a more noisy way, "Don't you get the point? Stop hating MEN! You feminist!", at this time I got his context, which stated that according to him Feminist is an abusive or somewhat a negative word. Then I politely answered him, "Hey! What's wrong with being a feminist?". He said, "Because you hate men and only talk about how you can take rights from Men." For a second I paused and then I said, "I don't hate men, and why would I? In fact, men are also an important part of society as much as women. Anyway, I wanted to clarify you that, yes! I'm a 'Feminist'. A feminist is a person who stands for the rights of a woman and a misogynist is a person who stands for the rights of men. For your kind information, I don't hate men! 'Opposite of misogyny is misandry not feminism. Hence stop criticizing feminists!" The rest of the moment was a moment of honour, with a polite smile, he said, "well, explained Ankita. Your single sentence explained me the exact meaning of feminism. Thank you and I'm sorry for talking to you rudely." So friends, that day I realized that sometimes you don't need to shout back at someone who's rude to you, sometimes a calm short statement is enough. 🙂 Here's the Video.    

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