Viral in Nanoseconds- Top Trending News of India

  1. Virat-Anushka’s Dream Wedding-

Starting from the most recent and most searched of all the viral news in India, captain of the Indian Cricket Team tied the knot with the most bubbly and successful actress of the Bollywood-Anushka Sharma. Though the wedding took place in December 2017 and was a hushed affair, the world could contain its excitement and shock upon learning the wedding news of the pair and the news related to it surfaces every now & then in various contexts. Indian public woke up to a surging hashtag for Virushka on the morning of 12th December 2017, when every news channel in the country and every social media platform had just one story to tell- how a destination marriage became a fairytale wedding of the present era. The on-&-off couple was rumored to have a destination wedding in Italy but the actual news spread like a forest fire on a wintery morning. From Senior Bachchan to the Master Blaster, wishes poured in from every corner of the Bollywood & sports industry making it the most trending news of the time with over 150,000 tweets and unfathomable hashtags.
Viral News India Anushka and Virat Wedding by Ankita Vishwakarma
Anushka and Virat Wedding
  1. Demonetization of 2016-

Turning to a more political note, the famous Demonetization news of November 2016 was one of the most deluging and critiqued news that the country had witnessed in almost 3 decades. The 16th Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, called for a nationwide note ban of ₹ 500 & ₹ 1000 currencies as a tactical step for curbing the problem of Black Money in India. The morning, following the demonetization news, saw an overwhelming influx of panic-stricken Indian citizens in the banks and ATMs, all worried and confused about the reason and coping effects of the ban. The news was welcomed with mixed reactions having praises on one side from reputed bank CEOs, renowned economists and eminent entrepreneurs including the founder of Infosys, N.R. Narayan Murthy, and criticism from various politicians, Noble Laureate Amartya Sen along with Kaushik Basu-Senior Vice-President & Chief Economist of the World Bank, on the other side. The event was the top viral news in India and was just second on Google news searches after Donald Trump. Undoubtedly, the news gained global attention and the biggest statement was issued by the International Monetary Fund, in support of the move made by the honorable PM. Mikael Damberg- Swedish Minister of Enterprise; former PM of Finland and Vice-President of the European Commission-Jyrki Katainen; Tim Worstall & Justin Rowlatt- correspondents to the Forbes’ & BBC’s South Asia respectively and many more international figures hailed the demonetization step and considered it as a step forward for a stable economy.
Demonetization of 2016 Viral News India by Ankita Vishwakarma
Demonetization of 2016 in India :
An Indian vendor displays wallets made from replica prints of the demonetized 500 and 1000 INR currency notes prints for sale at a stall in Mumbai on November 22, 2016.
  1. India is a Poor Country-Snapchat CEO

Though this news didn’t find its roots in India, it sure did hurt the global integrity of the nation which has over 4 million Snapchat users. The early weeks of April 2017 wasn’t kind to the Snapchat CEO- Evan Spiegel and brought quite a lot of negative publicity in response to the CEO’s remark about India and the app’s ratings dropped to 1 star in the App and Play Store with an unprecedented proportion of hateful comments for the app & its CEO. Apparently, in a private conversation with his employee, Mr. Spiegel enlisted India as a poor nation along with Spain. The news, when made public, spread like an ink drop in water and soon the yellow color background of the app turned black when millions of Snapchat users uninstalled the app from their Smartphones. The Indian users lashed out their anger through social media platform and the trending hashtag was ‘ #boycottsnapchat ’. Though the accusation was denied by the company’s spokesperson, it did put a dent on the company’s name and amidst the allegations and negative criticism the company’s share fell down by 1.5% in just one-day
India is a poor country - Snapchat CEO- Evan Spiegel By Ankita Vishwakarma
Snapchat CEO- Evan Spiegel
  1. Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai-

Though this news isn’t as sensational as a dream wedding or as shocking as one of the historical economic reforms, the hashtags for ‘Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’, ‘Bewafaai Zoned’ and much more had their share of limelight for quite some time. Shockingly this was the most searched topic on Google for the year 2016 and is definitely one of the most bizarre but viral news of India. The incident erupted amidst the 2016 demonetization chaos when the Indian population was clueless about how to buy their regular groceries or make the payments. A ₹ 10 surfaced in the market which had ‘Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’ (Sonam Gupta is unfaithful) scribbled on it. The news wasn’t such a hit and was merely tossed aside as a desperate mourning from an estranged lover. The tagline became famous when, despite being instructed by the Indian authorities of avoiding damages to the new notes in any way, it appeared again on a ₹ 2000 note in the early months of 2017. The internet flooded with the aforementioned hashtags and memes and it created havoc for most of the Sonam Guptas out there. But that wasn’t it. Following its stamp on the highest currency note in the country, the tagline went international- from Singapore to neighboring Nepal. Even George Washington on the US $1 bill wasn’t spared of this trend. The world could not have had enough of this laughter when a new meme went viral on Twitter where the Queen of England is declaring Sonam Gupta as an International Bewafaa with a frowny face and a finger pointed to the £10 note which had the same scribbling on it, next to the Queen’s face. Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai by Ankita Vishwakarma So, here it is the list of Viral Top Trending News of India in Nanoseconds. Hope you liked the article. For more kindly click the HERE.

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