What Happens When Something ‘Pops’ on your face?!

The most common thing which pops on my face personally that are those grumpy pimples. *Thanks to them for ruining our teenage photographs* Pimples are normally described as filthy, gross, fat and much more rudely, did you ever thought if somebody would use such words to describe YOU ? how would you feel like huh ?! Unfortunately, we don't care about the feelings of these tiny bumps on our faces but you know what! Pimples are awesome, they came in a variety of colors, sizes and the colorful cream filled in it! Okay that was too much. From time to time Pimples has always amused us with their Kardashian reaction about the Burger you ate last night to the air you breath in. Pimples can also be inherited from your ancestors too. Hence Respect is 'must'. Why we always see pimples as a bad thing ? Just because pimples seek all the attention from your face beside of your eyes, nose or lips it doesn't mean they are bad, sometimes its good to be out of the limelight for a moment and to love your inner soul beside your outer looks.   via GIPHY

Ok, let me tell you the truth, Pimples are the messenger of GOD.... No BODY

Pimples visit us time to time like that old grumpy teacher who tells us to maintain discipline in class. Eating too much unhealthy food and not maintaining hygiene habits and other reasons can lead to pimple breakout.

  via GIPHY According to experts a pimple or acne appearing on different parts of face signifies different health problems. The technique is known as face mapping and its very easy to practice. Face Mapping Courtesy: www.youbeauty.com Getting rid of a pimple is easy as they are self diagnose-able and Healthy body leads to the healthy skin so, the best way to avoid these tiny monsters, start following healthy life style.

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