Dropping out: as an Indian Kid.

Dropping out is a huge decision especially in India because it not even affects the person whose dropping out but the people around himself. Dropping out means to just leave the study you were pursuing in mid-term which ends-up with zero results as no certification is gained at the end. There can be several reasons to leave High-school/College suddenly, some of the most familiar reasons are when student have already much knowledge about the things being taught at the institution or the student have not  even a single percent idea what's going on, lack of money for education (as India has one of the high expense education) or sudden change in career plans or much more... Reasons are several but the most common thing at last we realize is that Indian Education System lacks interest and engagement of students in career-oriented education. Whatever maybe the reason is to left your workplace, there are something which you have to deal with. 1.Explaining the reason for your decision to parents. "Parents call it, 'TALKING BACK' , we call it 'EXPLAINING'.
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Explaining the mental point of view to parents is quite hard because parents take it on their own given values and ego, I don't know how can dropping out from school can have a connection to values and parenting ?! Its all about the potential in the pupil.  
ideal uncle
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2.Our neighbors are our "Role Models".

Each Indian neighborhood has an ideal Uncle, who has an ideal son to whom your whole family compares you to, *that's the moment when a dropout becomes a terrorist and plans a rampage*. The most common thing to get in mind is that not everyone is designed to perform in the same kind of work. So next time when you parents idealize your beloved Uncle's son just let them know that everyone has different priorities in life.

3. Explanation to society.
keep faith on yourself
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'Some people are not upset due to their own problems but due to someone Else's decisions' This is true, people misunderstand, mis-idolize and try everything to make the dropper feel down but keeping up the spirit and courage will lead to success and a good execution of the plan. Just be your own cheerleader and have faith in yourself.

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