About the Blogger

I’m Ankita Vishwakarma. I’m a Digital Marketing and Content Strategist at a well repute publishing house in India. I’m a non-traditional learner, as I broke all the rules of learning, regular schooling and goind all rebel stuff which made me who I am today.

In day time you can find me sitting in my office and getting highly caffinated. I’m an absoulute social-birdy, well I’m not sure it’s due to my job profile of Social Media Strategist or due to my life expectency directly proportional to this blog. I’ve been blogging since last 7 years and happily falled in love with digital trends.

We’re often supposed to follow all the paths, cultures and ways to get things done created by the society around us, but believe me, if you got a plan and you are willing to execute it anyhow, then just follow your gut. About right or wrong? Everyone knows what they are doing with their life if the result will get you to negativity or positivity. Life is full of challenges.

Sometimes life is not in your favor but then you choose to go with the flow, similarly when I decided to revolt against my parents and got admission in another institution far away from home. I knew, I was doing bad but I sticked to my gut because that led me to positivity. After 6 months when I was broke and failed to pay my fee, I decided to drop out from 11th grade course which I was pursuing. It was heartaching. Went back home and realised life is much more than going to school, then college, then doing a job and getting retired to wait to get mixed up in the ashes again.

And re-begun with blogging…. Since then I refused to look back again.